The owner of a Chattanooga business hopes to catch the thieves who took $6,000 worth of electronics.

Hiwassee Structural Products operations manager Chris Walker tells Channel 3, thieves hit the business the first time on Monday. He says on Wednesday, they broke in twice and stole six TVs.

“We do believe that those four guys that entered our building do not reflect this community and we do believe that we want to press forward with this investigation and get to the bottom of it and make sure that they don't hurt anybody else,” says Walker.

Walker and his employees have watched surveillance video non-stop. He says each time they find something they didn’t see before.

Between 2:00 and 4:30 Wednesday morning, Walker says two separate groups of men broke into the Hiwassee Structural Products building, where they assemble materials for home construction.

In the surveillance video, you see someone take down a TV from the workroom.

Walker says one group managed to steal five of them, and a computer set.

“In total we lost eight large televisions that we use for computer screens for employees to be able to see what they're working with and how to assemble the parts that we assemble,” says Walker.

“My team feels violated because their tools have been taken,” Walker adds.

Walker says the first theft happened sometime Monday morning.

Chattanooga police are investigating. They say they're working to determine if both incidents are related.

“Quite frankly we're following their advice but we entrust in our law-enforcement and trust that their investigation proceeds,” says Walker.

While police continue to investigate, Walker says they are in no rush to replace the items taken. But, he says they have increased security.