I admit, at first I thought it is a terrible idea to let a delivery driver or courier waltz into my home while I'm at work to deliver a package from Amazon. Who would agree to that? How in the world would that even work?

Now that Amazon has answered those questions, it isn't too scary. That's what Amazon shopper Julie Butler told me.

"I think it's a good idea," she said.


Amazon on Wednesday introduced two new products, the Cloud Cam and Amazon Key. Both of these gadgets are necessary to do what no one thought could work.

The Cloud Cam is a security camera. It's meant to be aimed at the front door. The Amazon Key is a remote lock that attaches to that door. When a delivery driver arrives at the house to leave an Amazon package, he or she notifies the homeowner who is away. The homeowner can look at the front door on their smartphone and see the courier. The shopper can then send a command to the Key and have it unlock the door. Once that happens, the courier has a few seconds to leave the package inside before closing and locking the door behind them.

Amazon believes this is safe and the answer to many packages being stolen once they're delivered.

Butler was pretty adamant in her rejection of the very idea of opening her home to a stranger delivering a package, but after explaining how Amazon says it will work, she's all for it.

"Absolutely," she said. When asked if she's surprised she's actually saying that she told me "Yes because i couldn't imagine a scenario where that would be a good thing, But yes; absolutely."

The Cloud Cam and Amazon Key are both available for pre-order now for Prime Members. The service initially will be available in a limited number of cities but Amazon has plans to implement it in other areas.