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What the Tech? Life 360 Halloween safety

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It's a different world out there from when today's parents went trick-or-treating as children. Neighborhoods are bigger, most of us know fewer people in the neighborhood and it seems there are more creepy people in the world. Maybe not, but I couldn't find any statistics on creepy neighbors.

Regardless, Halloween is frightening for parents of kids, especially kids who are believe they're old enough to go out by themselves or with friends. Knock on the wrong door and they could come face-to-face with a convicted and registered sex offenders.

There are apps that aim to help keep up with children and many of them work very well. The best of them, I believe is Life 360.

Life 360 has been around for more than 6 years and for good reason, it works.

Members of the family download the app onto their device and give it permission to allow others in the group to see their location. For parents they'll be able to see exactly where their kids are down to the street and even down to the address. You can see their location on a map and even watch as they change direction. If they should run into any trouble they can quickly send out a signal for help with a tap on the screen. Every person in the group will get a text message and email with any information including their location.

Parents might also find it helpful that the map also shows homes of registered sex offenders. Those addresses show up as dots on the map. When you tap one of those dots you will be shown a picture of the offender, their age, address and what they were charged with. That information comes into the Life 360 app through the national sex offender registry

Parents can also set a trick-or-treat safe zone of an area you know is safe. Should a child wander out of that area the parent will get a text message and their location on a map.

Life 360 is a free app and works with both iPhones and Android devices so someone in your group that uses a Samsung device can still use the app and connect with iPhone users.

A premium edition of the app has many other features such as safe driving which gives a report of how the person with the app was driving, and another feature that will detect an accident and immediately contact 911 with the location of the accident.

The Life 360 app offers a 7-day trial of the premium version and Halloween is a perfect time to test it out.

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