UPDATE: The City of Chattanooga Department of Transportation will be restriping Riverfront Parkway to improve safety for people traveling on the roadway and increase the number of available street parking spots.

Riverfront Parkway has a lot of pedestrian and vehicle traffic that some say drivers go a little too fast. This will soon change, CDOT hopes by changing when the lanes merge will make it safer.

"By keeping them in a single line from MLK they won't be doing that passing each other and speeding up," said Ben Taylor with CDOT.

The curb lanes from Martin Luther King Blvd. to the Olgiati Bridge will be converted to parking with a bicycle lane. This part of the project is intended to calm traffic speeds entering the waterfront district and increase parking along the parkway from the current 10 to 127 spaces. 

"A barrier between the sidewalk and the travel lane so it makes the sidewalks more comfortable and it provides a come-and-go of pedestrians all along the sidewalks," explained Blythe Bailey, CDOT. 

It's a request that came from riverfront property owners and businesses. The curb lanes are about 13 feet wide, adding parking will only take about 7 feet. The remaining space will be turned into a bike lane.

"The character of the street is changing people that are going to be living on the street and asked about the possibility of striping the on-street parking," Bailey said.

CDOT says restriping is an opportunity to increase the safety of all users - drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists - by calming traffic, separating pedestrians from vehicles and providing safer street crossings, and adding on-street bicycle lanes with little impact on the travel time for vehicles on Riverfront Parkway.

 Only the curb lanes will need to be closed for work.