Have you ever found an iPhone? Maybe in a coffee shop, the office or a bar? (those are the three places most cellphones are lost). Have you ever lost a phone? Many people aren't aware that when it comes to iPhones, Siri can help identify the owner.

It's a relatively hidden feature but it has to be set up by the cellphone owner for it to work.

Maybe the easiest way to find the owner is to ask Siri "who does this phone belong to?". She (or he) will tell you they owns the phone complete with a phone number and e-mail address. But what if the phone is locked? Siri can still help if the owner gives it permission.

In settings, go to "Siri and Search". You'll see several options. Make sure that the tabs "Listen for Hey Siri", "press home for Siri" and "allow Siri when locked" are all turned on (green). Then tap "My Information" and choose your contact when it leads you to the contact pages.

This also works with iPads but you still need to ask "who's phone is this?". "Who's iPad?" does not work.

The contact information that is shown is the name and phone number. The phone number may not help since it probably belongs to the cellphone only, so add another number or email address.

Another thing you can do is change the name of your primary contacts such as mom, dad, husband or wife. If someone finds an iPhone and taps the home button to wake up Siri, they can ask it to "call Mom". The call will be made even if the screen is locked.

These are two relatively quick solutions to a problem that millions of people experience each year.