UPDATE: "The Voice" live shows begin tonight at 8:00 pm on NBC.

Lee University alum Brooke Simpson is asking for your vote to keep her in the competition.

There are multiple ways you can cast your vote.  Simpson posted voting instructions on her official Facebook page:

Channel 3 will keep you updated as Simpson's journey on "The Voice" continues.

UPDATE: Channel 3 is continuing to follow the incredible musical journey of a former Lee University student, Brooke Simpson.  

Simpson performed last night on the voice for knockout rounds. After a successful performance, singing “Natural Woman,” she is advancing in the competition.

"It's kind of like my good luck song," Simpson said.

Simpson said she had some vocal trouble backstage, but worked through it.

Moving up in the competition is still a feeling Simpson is getting used to.

"Every time I go up I try to tell myself if this is the last time, I’m still so grateful," explained Simpson.

She is not lacking support from her Lee University home, her former choir director is one of the many people cheering her on.

Simpson said the support helps push her forward giving her the confidence to do what she loves.

"As soon as the music starts and I start singing it feels natural and it feels normal,” said Simpson, “It's awesome."

Brooke was not able to tell us what her next song will be, but said it's her favorite one yet.

You can catch The Voice Monday and Tuesday night right here on Channel 3.

PREVIOUS STORYFormer Lee University student Brooke Simpson advanced Monday night in NBC's "The Voice."

Simpson is on Team Miley, and sang Aretha Franklin's "(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman" Monday night.

PREVIOUS STORY: Another Lee University student is in the national spotlight, showing off her powerhouse voice. Brooke Simpson is competing on NBC's The Voice.

Take a walk through the halls of the music building at Lee University, and you'll hear it. Amazing voices and extreme talent coming from every room. 

"The passion she sings with. It's such a passion," said Choir Teacher, Jimmy Phillips.

Passion and talent. 

Brooke Simpson started her career at Lee University, but now she's taking her talent to an even bigger stage. She's turning chairs and catching the world's attention, one note at a time.

On NBC's The Voice. 

"You can't escape her voice. When she starts singing you can't hide from it. So it really touches you and reaches you," said Phillips.

Her former Choir Director, Jimmy Phillips couldn't be more proud. He remembers the first time he heard her sing.

"I can remember her audition for campus choir and she blew us away in her audition," said Phillips.

And Brooke isn't the first lee university singer to make headlines. Just a couple of years ago, Jordan Smith won The Voice. Before that, Clark Beckham competed on American Idol. 

"You think well there can't be on that comes along that sings better than this and one does" said Phillips. 

Powerhouse voices putting this small university on the map.

"It speaks to the strength of this program and the depth of the music program" said Phillips. 

And Phillips knows who he will be rooting for this season on the show. 

"We will be following every program, we'll be following and watching. Hope that she comes out on top. She's sure got the lungs for it, the passion for it, the spirit for it," said Phillips. 

You can follow Brooke's journey this season right here on Channel 3. The Voice airs Monday and Tuesday nights