I haven't had this much fun with an app in a loooong time

HQ Trivia is for the iPhone only but its a one-of-a-kind game where you can win real money. I didn't believe it either.

It's a trivia show that airs just twice a day weekdays and only once on weekends. You'll sign up for notifications and you'll receive a text message just before a game begins. And what a game.

The show host is live in New York and he's every bit as excited as a TV game show host. Actually he's a bit over-the-top but in a good way. As the questions begin, contestants can leave comments, more about that in a moment.

Each question has three possible answers and you have 10 seconds to choose one. They start off easy. "Where is the Lincoln Memorial located?", "When an NBA player gets ten rebounds, ten points and ten assists, what is it called?" (a triple double).

As each answer is revealed contestants who got it right advance and the losers go home, or kicked out of the game. The questions of course get considerably tougher the farther you go in the game.

When this particular game started there were a little more than 6,000 people playing alone and the number got whittled away quickly after question 6. After the final round there were 5 contestants who aced them all and each took home $50. Each game has a $250 pot which is split among the winners.

It was a lot of fun. I only wish there hadn't been so many science questions.

The app was developed by the same team who gave us the 7-second video app Vine which was very popular before Twitter pulled the plug on it.

HQ Trivia has become very popular as you can imagine and I'm guessing the number of contestants will continue to grow.

The app's App Store description says you must be 17 years old to download it because of infrequent/mild profanity or Crude humor. I didn't get a sense of that happening in the game but it was prevalent in the live comment section.

HQ Trivia is one of those rare instances where a game on your phone is really worth downloading.