A North Georgia family says their neighbor fired 3 shots at their small dog, shooting and seriously injuring the dog, Friday. 

While the family says the dog was in front of their house on public property at the time, The neighbor tells deputies the dog was on his property, threatening him.
The bullet shattered 4-year-old, Milo's elbow. Owners say the Jack Russell Terrier's leg will now have to be amputated. 

Milo is now recovering at home in a cast and head cone, he must be hand fed. Family members say it's hard to see him in pain. 

"He's not the same as he was," said owner Hunter Mulkey. " It's taken a lot on him on all of us." 

Owner, Hunter Mulkey tells Channel 3, Milo got out Friday night.

"We went to go get him and about that time he was running back to the road and we heard 3 gunshots," said Mulkey. 

He explains Milo then collapsed at the end of the street by a stop sign. 

"On this side of the ditch, in front of our fence," said Mulkey. 

A vet found a bullet in Milo's leg. The dog now struggles to walk. 

"I wish it would have been me that got shot instead of him," said Mulkey. 

A neighbor a few doors down, told deputies he shot the dog with a .22 caliber rifle after it crossed into his yard and appeared aggressive. 

Mulkey says neighbors saw the man follow the dog into the street and shoot it there.

"He don't need to be out here in the middle of the street firing a gun, ain't no reason for that," said Mulkey. 

According to the deputy's report, several children witnessed the shooting, but have not been interviewed by authorities.

Mulkey worries what could have happened.  

"It could have been worse," said Mulkey. " Instead of killing Milo, he could have killed some little kid or hurt somebody."

No charges have been filed, the shooting is still under investigation by the Sheriff's Department. Investigators have referred both  parties to the Magistrate Court for potential charges and financial retribution for the veterinarian bills.  

Milo's medical bills are estimated to total nearly $5,000 dollars after surgery. 

"This has broke us," said Mulkey. " It's been a lot of money." 

Channel 3 tried to speak to the neighbor who admitted to shooting Milo, but our calls have not been returned.