As the weather cools down many people are warming up their cars before taking off.

However, one Catoosa County resident is using his story to warn others not to do that.

"I'll go out start my truck,” said Chet Vanderveer, “Let it warm up."

Letting his truck warm up was part of Vanderveer’s morning routine. However, after he started his truck and went inside his home Thursday morning his wife heard a familiar sound.

"My wife, she told me that she heard my truck rev up," explained Vanderveer.

It was that sound that warned the couple something was wrong.

Vanderveer said he immediately ran outside. The thief was driving away in the truck. Vanderveer caught the whole incident on his home security camera.  

The video shows a car back up down the road and turn off its lights, a few seconds later a person gets out of the car, walks to the truck, gets in the passenger door, before backing out and taking off.

"It's very frustrating,” Vanderveer said, “I work hard for my money and everything I’ve got. For a thief to come take it away from you, it’s a little disheartening."

Once Vanderveer ran outside, he grabbed the keys to his wife’s truck and followed the thief.

According to the police report, the truck was found in East Ridge, but the suspect was not there.

Even though it's frustrating, Vanderveer said he is learning from his mistake.

"I'll definitely not keep my keys in my truck," Vanderveer said, "I think when you do that you're just rolling out the red carpet to a thief. You're just asking to get victimized."

Police are still searching for the suspect, but say they have a few leads.

Vanderveer said he also left his wallet in his car with his keys, so he had to cancel all his credit cards.

He was not able to afford new locks for his home, due to canceling all of his cards. So, the Home Depot in Fort Oglethorpe helped him out. Store officials donated new locks to him, which cost more than $100 total.