Students from Heritage High School are raising funds to build the Katie Beth Carter Memorial School in Nicaragua.

Katie graduated of Heritage high and attended Jacksonville State University, she died last year in a car accident.

In four months this school will finally open its doors. This dinner fund raiser will help pay for some of those expenses. The goal of this school is to help children receive food, education, and medical aid.

February 2018 is the opening date for the Katie Beth Carter Memorial School in Thomas Borge, Nicaragua.

With only a few months left the students are fund raising for the operation costs of the school.

Katie's father Jason cater says he's feeling a mix of emotions.

“It's really exciting to think about see the school open but on the other side of that it hard because it's also a reminder that she would love this and she's not there,” said Jason Carter, the father of Katie Beth Carter.

Katie was studying to become a teacher before she was killed in a car accident on Labor Day of last year.

Carter says this school is the perfect way to remember Katie.

“It would've been her heartbeat,” said Jason Carter. “She would have been right in the middle of it and her hands would have been completely dirty in all this Nicaragua and the school opening and yeah it would've been her heartbeat.”

Corrie King worked the longest on this project and says the school will bring teaching jobs into the community.

“We really wanted to get to know the people there and build relationships with them,” said Corrie King. “What I found there was that they are so kind and so welcoming to us and what we want to do there and they are just awesome people.”

After a year and a half the passion for this project is still going strong as community members continue donating and the students prepare for the big day too.

“I think they'll appreciate being trusted and empowered to do something bigger than most teenagers do,” said Ek Slaughter, leadership teacher. “I don't think we give most teenagers credit and I think we put them in a box.”

The leadership class needs $100,000 to open the Katie Beth Cater Memorial School.

So far they have $50,000 and from this fundraiser they hope to have an additional $25,000.