CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - The team of Rick Camp and Jamie Hatcher marched through the field to catch a 2 day limit of 10 bass weighing 33.87 pounds topping out the field of 114 anglers to win first place and $10,000.00 in the 2017 Tow Boat U.S. CBA Bass Classic. This two day bass classic tournament was held Saturday, October 21st and 22nd out of Chester Frost Boat Ramp.

Rick and Jamie, after day one, were in 35th place with 5 bass weighing 9 pounds. On day two they weighed a five bass limit weighing 24.87 which included a super giant large mouth weighing 11.13 pounds. Jamie said “after a small limit on day one we decided to stay away from the grass and fish top water areas that included docks, rip rap, blown down trees and just about anything we could find to cast our top water baits. On our first stop of the morning we caught a nice smallmouth weighing over 31/2 pounds and continued to catch good fish each time we moved.”

Big fish of this event was caught by Rick Camp and Jamie Hatcher weighing 11.13 pounds. Big smallmouth of this event was also caught by Zach and David Crider weighing 4.20 pounds. Steve Kite and Daniel Lewis had big Kentucky Spotted Bass of the event weighing 1.97 pounds.

On day one big bass of the day was caught by Chris Coffey and Nick Pratt weighing 8.31 pounds. Steve Barns and Spencer Smith had second big bass on day one that weighed 7.96 pounds.

Shane Frazier said “This $53,600 payout was one of the largest ever in CBA history. Special thanks to Tow Boat U.S. for sponsoring the 2017 Classic and to all our sponsors who made this year such a great success”.

All fish caught in this event were released back into Lake Chickamauga and special thanks to the fisherman for taking such good care of their catches in this event.

The top 30 money winners are as follows:

  1. Rick Camp and Jamie Hatcher 33.87 lbs, $10,000
  2. Rogie Brown and Carey Dotson 31.84 lbs. $4,000
  3. Tracy Hardin and John Talton 30.18 lbs. $3,000
  4. Tom Kizziah, Jr. and Tom Kizziah, Sr. 29.19 lbs, $2,500
  5. Chuck James and Brad James 28.52 lbs. $2,000
  6. Zack Crider and David Crider 2823 lbs. $1,900
  7. Brad Hayes and Dave Hix 28.22 lbs. $1,800
  8. Brian Hatfield and Cindy Hatfield 27.84 lbs. $1,700
  9. Steve Barnes and Spencer Smith 27.33 lbs. $1,600
  10. Danny Daniels and Robert Simpson 26.82 lbs. $1,500
  11. Greg Lamb and David Powell 26.78 lbs. $1,200
  12. Josh Wofford and Mike Looney 26.54 lbs. 1,200
  13. Corey Vetten and Kevin Drake 26.44 lbs. $1,200
  14. Tony Townsend and Galen James 26.08 lbs. $1,200
  15. Baron Adams and Trevor Prince 26.02 lbs. 1,200
  16. Don Lamb and Eddie Wilson 25.63 lbs. 1,200
  17. Stoney Johnson and David Craft 24.90 lbs. 1,200
  18. Chris Peters and Caleb Cushman 24.73 lbs. $1,200
  19. Steve Kite and Daniel Lewis 24.59 lbs. $1,200
  20. Seth Davis and Brent Butler 24,39 lbs. $1,200
  21. Nick Pratt and Chris Coffey 24.01 lbs $1,000
  22. Scott Gilley and Wes Hardin 23.82 lbs. $1,000
  23. Jeff Knight and Michael Knight 23.77 lbs $1,000
  24. Mark Varady and Mark Keith 23.67 lbs. $1,000
  25. Hayden Lamb and Trevor Porter 23.03 lbs. $1,000
  26. Eddie Hatmaker and John Gudel $22.85 lbs. $1,000
  27. Jamie Copenhaver and Adam Dysart 22.41 lbs. $1,000
  28. Robby Crosslin and Greg Worsham 22.20 lbs. $1,000
  29. Victor Rowe and Tim Harrison 22.01 lbs. $1,000
  30. Ron Willerson and Eric Cabrea 22.00 lbs. $1,000

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