Pilots and visitors from all over gathered in Rome, Georgia for the annual Wings Over North Georgia Air Show.

Visitors saw acrobatic planes twist and turn, watched the United States Navy Blue Angels, and saw planes on display.

"The Blue Angels is what I want to see," said visitor Richard Stephens.

There is something for everyone at the air show, according to organizers. It's a place for all generations, like the Stephens family.

"Just watching the airplanes and having fun," that’s what Ellis Stephens said he was most excited for.

Ellis is 10 years old. He attended the air show with his dad, Chris, and grandfather, Richard.

It’s their first time at the air show in Rome.

"I've never even been to an airshow," Chris added.

But for the Stephens family it's more than just a show.

"Stuff like this is good for my dad to be able to share with my son," said Chris.

Going to the airshow is an opportunity for the family to share stories.

"I feel honored because I know what he's been through," said Ellis.

Ellis is talking about his grandfather, Richard. Richard is an army Vietnam veteran, with a bronze star. He prefers to look at the older aircraft.

"It brings back memories," said Richard.

Memories he can now share with his son and grandson.

"Just knowing what he's been through, it's nice to see all these airplanes when he's seen them probably countless times." Said Ellis.