UPDATE: Tyler Teague remains in custody with the Cleveland Police Department. The 14-year-old is charged in the shooting of another teen at an apartment complex early Saturday morning.

They aren't releasing who called Teague in to tip off the police, but Police said he surrendered peacefully. Now they're working to figure how the teen got his hands on a gun in the first place.

“His hands were up, they put him in custody. They didn't have any issues with him. Brought him back here with a parent and interviewed him here at the station,” said Evie West with the Cleveland Police Department. That interview is what Cleveland investigators will use to piece together what happened early Saturday morning at a housing authority complex. “We got the information from witnesses, we got information from the suspect. Now we need to get information from the victim.”
Tyler Teague is no stranger to the Cleveland Police Department. He has been in and out of the system before and is known as a runaway. “Unruling juvenile. They will come home, but they'll leave. Their parents will report them missing and we will put it out on Facebook or put them in NCIC our national crime database to let people know they are missing.”

It is unclear when Teague will appear in court or if the 14 year old will be tried as an adult. “In this case, we know someone was shot. We have a victim, we have a suspect who left the scene and we had no idea where he was.”

Police were able to locate the weapon used in the shooting. Their investigation will continue once they are able to speak to the victim -- which should happen sometime this week.

PREVIOUS STORY: Cleveland police arrested 14-year-old J. Tyler Teague at a home. 

He has been charged with attempted second degree murder and aggravated domestic assault. 

PREVIOUS STORY Police are searching for 14 year old boy they believe was involved in a shooting Saturday morning. It happened at the housing authority complex on Elrod Place in Cleveland.

Police are looking for Jesus Tyler Teague and are warning the public that he is believed to be armed and dangerous.

Sandra Cranmore called police Saturday after hearing loud noises coming from the apartment above her.

"It was noisier than an airport," explained Cranmore, "It was people that sounded like they were going through the walls, through the floor."

When Cleveland Police arrived, they found a teenager who had been shot multiple times. He was taken by helicopter to the hospital and has not been identified yet.

"It kinda scared me," Cranmore said, "That bullet could've come through the floor."

Officials quickly identified 14-year-old Teague as the suspect.

It was a name Cranmore, and many other neighbors, know all too well. Cranmore said she's lived in the complex for 7 years, and said since new neighbors moved in a few months ago the apartment above her always has visitors. She's said she's called the police about it multiple times.

"It was nice here until they moved in," she urged.

She said Teague has been hanging around for a few months.

"I used to come sit out on the porch and enjoy it, but the last time I was sitting on my porch he threw a cigarette at me and almost hit me with it," Cranmore recalled.

Cranmore hopes Teague is found and not allowed back.

"I'm praying that they get rid of him," Cranmore said.

Cleveland police said Teague has multiple other charges and is listed as a runaway.

Now he will face attempted murder charges for the shooting, according to officers.

PREVIOUS STORY: Cleveland police are investigating a shooting that injured one person on Saturday. The victim was taken to Erlanger by Life Force, his condition is stable at this time. 

Officials say the call came in around 6 a.m. to 1200 block of Elrod Place SE in reference to a domestic disturbance/shooting.

Police on scene found one male suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. 

Police have identified the suspect as 14-year-old Jesus Tyler Teague. Investigators say he is at large and considered armed and dangerous.

Teague was last seen wearing blue jeans and a grey shirt. He is also wanted on other charges and has been listed as a runaway. 

Teague has been charged with Attempted 2nd Degree murder. 

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Teague, may leave a confidential tip via CPD Facebook inbox or if you have contact with him, please immediately call Bradley County 911 at 423-476-7511 or 911.