UPDATE:  A Westwood Elementary 2nd grader already has her spring break trip planned.

She was invited to the White House during a press briefing with press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders because of a letter she sent to President Trump.

Mackenzie spent days working on a two page letter to the president asking for a tour of the white house.  What happened four months later was unexpected?

7-year-old, McKenzie Koger had high hopes when she wrote a letter to the President.  Her family had plans to visit Washington, DC next year for spring break and here's what happened.

“It’s been a while since I’ve had to pleasure to share a letter from the podium to the President,” said Sarah Sanders, Press Secretary. “This one is from Mackenzie of Dalton ,Georgia.”

“To tell President Trump how much I appreciate his work,” said Mackenzie Koger.  “How much he's done for America and how much he's made it great again.”

She even had a chance to vote last year. When her teacher held an election in her class.

“She told us we were going to vote for either Hillary or Donald Trump, and I voted for Donald Trump,” said Mackenzie Koger. 

In her letter Mackenzie also asked for a tour of the White House, a meeting with the President and said shaking his hand would make her day.

In closing Mackenzie offers to bring lunch for the President because she's heard food brings people together.

This was the response to her letter.

“I'll give you a tour personally and if the president is here he'd love to meet you as well,” said Sarah Sanders. “Finally you're very right about food bringing people together so the press staff would like to invite you to have lunch here in the mess hall in the west wing.”

Mackenzie is still trying to make a guest list for her trip.  She told me she wants to make sure she invites her teddy named teddy and Leah Clark her American girl doll

PREVIOUS STORY: A Dalton 7-year-old received the surprise of a lifetime when a letter she wrote to President Donald Trump was read during the White House press briefing on Thursday.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders read the letter written by Mackenzie Koger.

After reading the letter, Sanders invited Mackenzie to the White House for a personal tour from the press secretary during her school's spring break. Sanders also said that President Trump would love to meet the 7-year-old if he's in town during the visit.

Mackenzie's mother, Laura Koger, is sitting down with Channel 3's Kasey Freeman to talk more about her daughter's letter to the president.

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