Chattanooga is one of two cities in our viewing area that sets its own rules when it comes to haunted house safety.

Low lighting, blocked pathways and plenty of scary faces.

Those are the things that make dread hollow spooky this time of year and keep organizers thinking about safety.

“Usually there are only 200 to 300 inside at any time there's no running no pushing,” said Todd Patton.  “We try to make sure that they don't do that. You can tell them all you want but sometimes Adeline rush.”

Todd Patton designs the Halloween attraction. He draws from personal experience when setting safety guidelines.

“Just had breast cancer so she was literally cut and we were at a haunt in another state,” said Todd Patton, co-owner of Fear Connection. “They allowed touching and they grabbed her by the shoulder and pull her back and ripped her stitches.”

The state fire marshal's office inspects haunted houses across Tennessee that welcome 300 or more people.

Chattanooga is exempt from the state building and fire codes, and instead has its own set of rules that assistant fire marshal William Jackson is tasked with enforcing.

“We'll do a sprinkler test with an alarm company, a fire alarm test, we'll also walk through the building to ensure there are clearances between the aisle ways,” said William Jackson, Assistant Fire Marshal.  “Anytime there's an emergency we need to be sure there are clear ways out of the building.”

You can tell if a Chattanooga haunted house is up to code if it has a posted certification.

If they can't pass they can't open.

“The haunted houses I've inspected they've ensured me and showed me the plan where their staff is actually involved in removing people from the building and there to assist us as well,” said William Jackson.

Dread Hollow employees 50 actors.

Those actors and staff members remind people of the rules while in the attraction, which has doubled in size this year.

Jackson says the most common violation is for misplaced fire extinguishers.

According to ADA rules, they are supposed to be mounted on a wall between 3 and 5 feet from the ground.

Athens also has its own set of guidelines for haunted houses.

The state fire marshal's office offers safety tips. It suggests choosing outdoor venues over indoor ones and always looking for the nearest exit.

If you do see any dangerous activity or potential code violations, you can contact the state fire marshal's office or local code enforcement.