Signal Mountain community members want to improve the education quality for their children by creating their own school district.

The school system viability committee has looked at other systems in the state that to see how they are working as a separate district from the larger school system.

The Signal Mountain town council reviewed the report to see if it would work for their students.

“We are in the very early stages and really still on the discovery,” said Amy Speek, a councilwoman. “Today was really just getting the information this is the first step in a series of steps.”

The council asked several questions including how to generate more money to use for educational resources.

“It's been raised in the report the buildings are obviously a big issue,” said Amy Speek.  “Making sure we can include the entire mountain giving a guaranteed to all our students.  I can't personally get behind any of this until those questions are answered.”

Still there is no definite timeline for when or if Signal Mountain will separate from Hamilton county schools.

“The council would vote on rather or not to have a vote that would go out to the citizens,” said Amy Speek. “Ultimately it would be decided by our citizens.”

The town council will hold a work session this Friday at 1pm to further discuss in more detail the school finances and the legal issues it would take to make the district operational.