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Signal Mountain committee says separate school district is 'viable'

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This 48-page report says that it is feasible for the town of Signal Mountain to break away from Hamilton County schools.

This is something people have discussed for years. Last December, the town council voted to form a committee to just see if it could be sustainable.

The report was put together by the School System Viability Committee; their sole appointment by the town is to fact find if they could break away.

"Our committee is, by its bylaws and by its creation required to remain neutral so we are not seeking opinions on whether this is a good or bad idea,” John Friedl, SSVC Committee Chairman said.

Now we know based on their findings, they believe they can.

For several months the viability committee met with the community, state officials and other school districts that broke away.

The report addresses several topics from financial stability to obstacles a new district could face.

While the report might not have all the answers, it does give some insight to questions people have speculated about for the last 10 months.

However, not everyone is on board and says the report is missing key information.

"My big concern is that it's not the complete story. There is definitely more to this than what is in that report,” said Elizabeth Baker with Stay with HCDE.

At the very end of the report, it says that it should be "road map for how to proceed, should the town council and the voters decide to do so." 

Tonight at 7:00p.m., in the gym at Signal Mountain Town Hall, the viability committee will present their findings.

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