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What the Tech? App of the day: KeyWi

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Kids these days. They're all thumbs, but it's a good thing.

If you're under the age of 21 you've been tapping out messages, texts and emails with your thumbs on a phone practically all of your life. For the rest of us sending a long email or text message is frustrating.

Auto-correct doesn't always get what my thumbs were trying to tap out.

Enter a solution: an app called KeyWi. It's an app that connects your computer keyboard to your smartphone or iPad so you can write or tap your message from your computer directly to your phone.

Why would you need it? If you're sitting at your desk and get a text message that you need to respond to, rather than picking up your phone to tap, just reply using your keyboard.

It's also good for when you're working on a project on your phone but need more accuracy on the keys.

There's some set-up required.

After downloading and installing the app you must give it permission to be used as a keyboard.

The app has step-by-step directions so this isn't difficult.

When you want to use the keyboard you tap and hold down the globe icon on the smartphone keyboard and choose the KeyWi keyboard.

You'll then be directed to visit a website on your computer that searches for a device with the KeyWi app installed. Once that happens you're good to go.

I found KeyWi to be accurate and with no lag.

I used it to respond to a text message, to update a post on Facebook and to work on a project within the Evernote app.

I could have done these things on my phone of course, but it was so much easier using my computer keyboard.

You have the option to enter the text on the phone as you go, or write out the message on your computer and send it to your phone. You wouldn't want to use this keyboard all the time of course, only when you're near a computer.

Selecting your other keyboard is as easy as holding down that globe icon and choosing the default keyboard.

KeyWi is an app only for the iPhone and iPad. There's no Android version.

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