A longtime Chattanooga judge has moved back to the Tennessee Valley after surviving not one, but two hurricanes in Puerto Rico.  

Rebecca Stern moved to Puerto Rico after she retired a couple of years ago.

Channel 3 talked to her by phone after Hurricane Irma hit the island and she said the storm wasn’t as bad as she’d expected.

Hurricane Maria, however, was much worse.

Stern, her husband and their two cats rode out the hurricane at their friends’ home and say they didn’t think they would survive.

“It was so loud and so scary and the wind was going crazy and we could hear their water systems on the roof sliding back and forth. I thought the roof was coming off,” Stern told Channel 3.

Stern says her home in Puerto Rico had only minor damage, however, people living there are still dealing with no cell service, no power and fuel and food shortages.

“It’s very sad to see the situation there. There are so many people that we love and care about and we have no communication with them,” Stern told Channel 3.

Stern and her family moved back to Chattanooga a couple of weeks ago.

She says they plan to visit Puerto Rico when the situation there improves.