UPDATE:  Tough news for runners competing in the 7 Bridges marathon and 4 Bridges half marathon Sunday.         

The distances for both races were off and this isn't the first time this has happened.

The race inspector says the calculations for the marathons were 0.63 miles off due to human error.

Lewis Mustard comes from Tampa, Florida each year to participate in the 7 Bridges Marathon.

The course of the full marathon was 0.63 miles longer than it should have been, while the half marathon was 0.63 miles shorter.

Crossing the finish line for some was bittersweet.

“Blood, sweat and tear into something like this and to find out that you've had to put in more effort than necessary and I knew during the race that some people who had on their watches,” said Lewis Mustard, a participate.  “They were remarking the course was a little bit off.”

Some participate use the full marathon to qualify for other major races like the Boston Marathon.

Of the 2,500 participates organizers say this miscalculation could impact about 30 runners who completed the full marathon.

“So I ran faster than what the time said your body is obviously a little bit rocky anyway did I necessary feel the extra miles too long?” said Lewis Mustard.

This isn't the first time race organizers have miscalculated the race.

In 2015, the half marathon was off by half a mile.

“I've run a lot of races and that's not uncommon sometimes it's hard to get the races marked,” said Zach Cowart, participate.  “By the time if you're a runner by the time you run around some corners and do some other things you're never running the same distance anyway.”

The race director says they will recalculate the time so participates can enter the correct time for other racers they want to qualify for.

PREVIOUS STORY: The 7 Bridges Half Marathon has been miscalculated by 0.63 miles shorter and the Full Marathon is 0.63 miles longer. 

Co-Race Director, Jay Nevans says the race certifier pointed out the miscalculation and said it was human error. In 2015, the half marathon was also too short, but for a different reason. Nevans said in 2015 the course was measured correctly but they failed to close a certain number of roads and had to reroute runners, making the course too short. 

Nevans said runners should expect an email in the next day or two for an incentive about the error. 

He also said runners using the marathon as a qualifier will have their race times adjusted.  

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