A Signal Mountain utility company is warning customers about dirty water lines, which are causing cloudy water.

Walden's Ridge Utility District posted on Facebook the steps customers should take to clear their lines.

Many homeowners took those steps but says they were not enough because it’s been two days since Boston Branch resident's water turned brown.

Cliff Kent says it happened without warning.

“Not being able to drink it of course also impact the ability to wash people's clothes as it has gotten into the clothes washers and people are concerned about their hot water heaters because of the buildup and it dying cause of it,” said Cliff Kent, the president of the homeowners association.

Kent called Walden’s Ridge Utility District looking for answers and his call was returned with an automated call.

“Service was being impacted by mud in the line or sediment in the line and warning people to flush their spic it for a certain period of time,” said Cliff Kent.

The utility also alerted customers on Facebook, apologizing and offering one thousand gallons of water free for customers to turn on outside faucets and allow them to flow until the water clears.

The utility says during the annual flushing of its mains it discovered sediment in water lines caused by a main valve that was nearly closed.

As many continue to wait for clear water. They are using filtration systems. Others are switching to well water or bottled water.

“Property water damage what do you do about it who do we call things like that it hasn't been the same level of interface,” said Cliff Kent

Channel 3 contacted the after hours operator about the issue.

They had no update on how long it will take to clear the water.

They suggest homeowners continue flushing their lines into Sunday.