Lifesaving items are still needed in the Virgin Islands where multiple hurricanes made landfall over the past few months.

More than 100 National Guard members from the Tennessee Valley are there now to help.

"We're giving food, water, other essentials, tarps, and things to help get them through,” said Major Jason Stockton, who is in the Virgin Islands.

While Puerto Rico remains in the headlines, still recovering from deadly Hurricane Maria, Stockton said the Virgin Islands are also still recovering.

"We're kind of fortunate because there's a lot less people,” Stockton said, “So, it's created much less issues.”

He said the two areas are facing similar problems because of the storms.

"We are suffering with many of the same problems. We have no power, limited power across the islands,” explained Stockton, “You can imagine what that does to folks."

More than 100 National Guard members from the Tennessee Valley are helping with recovery efforts.

Many are helping local law enforcement Stockton said, "Directing traffic is part of their responsibilities. Traffic control points, we're working security of fixed site facilities so places that have valuables and generators, and those types of assets."

They are also getting crucial supplies to the people who need them.

"Our folks are working supply distribution points,” Stockton said, “So we're handing out food, water, other supplies that's needed, tarps."

It's a job that is making a difference.

"They shake hands, thanking us for our service,” said CSM Michael Plemons who is also in the Virgin Islands, “You know, we're thankful to be here to provide that service. This is what we do as guardsman."

We are told the Guard is expected to stay in the Virgin Islands until the end of October.

Guardsmen said The Islands are not expected to have power until December.