Southeast Whitfield Raider Marching Band

For this week, we hear from the biggest band in Whitfield County! At 140 students, first-year Director Michael Brodowski says they are still building and with a good mix of Freshman through Senior students, they have still some room to grow. For halftime this season, the group is playing a James Bond themed show, one that was not difficult for him to get the Raider Marching Band students on board for. Something about that British spy...he is timeless.

They play it at home and on the road. They have already shown their wares at one competition, at Mid South in Gadsden, Alabama. One more is on their calendar, next weekend, as they prepare for a trip to Calhoun and the Warrior Invitational at Gordon Central. No fund-raisers are scheduled in the near future, but you know you cannot bus these Raiders and their instruments around for free. If you would like to help in any way, Get hold of Mr. Brodowski at the Southeast Whitfield County High School.

For the Raider Marching Band, the Drum Majors run the show at the football games, so sit back and enjoy as they kick off "Horse" from the stands. Our thanks for being this week's Channel 3 Friday Night Football Band of the Week!