The town of Signal Mountain is preparing Timberlinks Drive and Cauthen Way for paving. There will be some pre-pavement work starting this week with the actual pavement work planned to begin the week of October 16th. All activity will be dependent on weather conditions.

Officials advise that landscaping along the edge of the street could be damaged during the construction. Any bushes or shrubbery hanging over or within 2-3 feet of the pavement edge should be trimmed back or temporarily relocated. The paving equipment could hang over by 2-3 feet from that edge.

The contractor will extend the paving from the street into driveways that have asphalt surfaces, to provide a smooth transition from driveways to the street. Each driveway, whether asphalt or concrete, will be looked at and handled on a case by case basis.

They are asking residents not to place brush out for pick up during the construction period. And to not blow lawn clippings into the construction area. Place  garbage carts at the curb by 7:00 am. Garbage collection will begin with your street to allow the paving crew to complete their work.

Vehicles parked on the streets must be moved. Residents may encounter some traffic delays during this time.

Call Public works at 886-2177, option 2 if you have any questions.