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Optimal Weather on the way for Deck Staining

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Spring brings a great time to stain a deck before temperatures heat up, but this April and May we saw over 15" of rain, making dry days hard to come by.

The summer months also bring more humidity which can prolong dry time. We're humid now, but changes are coming next week, making it a good time for Jason Smith's painting business.

" You gotta be careful of how big a section you're doing, and how much you're doing outside when the weather is really hot," states owner Jason Smith of Jason R Smith Painting.

Smith says for most latex and oil based stains, the temperature needs to be between 40 and 90 degrees. The less humid the air is, the less dry time is needed for a last minute deck stain ahead of the cooler months.

Smith adds you really need 3 days of dry weather, and there's an advantage to staining on a cloudy day, "The sun's going to bake it on quicker, and you're brush is going to be globby and stiff."

 On average, October is our driest month in the Tennessee Valley, picking up usually just over 3 inches of rain. The WRCB Weather Team is forecasting for next week high temperatures in the lows 70s early in the week, to the upper 70s by next Friday, making next week a prime time for staining before November. For quotes, contact Jason R Smith, JasonSmithGoBlue@Hotmail.com.

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