UPDATE: A Soddy Daisy man is accused of attacking his girlfriend then breaking into a stranger's home down the block in Hixson, Tuesday. 

The couple was asleep in their bed when the man walked in and shortly after seeing him in their bedroom he left. 

Investigators tell Channel 3 this type of home burglary is unusual in the county as most burglaries happen during the daytime, when people are at work. 

Colton Bartrum is now behind bars on a slew of charges including aggravated burglary of an occupied residence and domestic assault. 

Deputies say it all started around 4 a.m. at a camp site inside of Chester Frost Park.  According to the report, Bartrum woke up his girlfriend by punching her in the face. 

She told officers, he hit her multiple times then punched  another woman who tried to pull him off. Bartrum took off on foot before officers could get there. 

"The reality is no neighborhood is immune from this type of activity anymore," said Deputy Chief Allen Branum, Hamilton County Sheriff's Office. " This is not the world we lived in 15, 20, 30 or even 5 years ago." 

About a mile down the road and two hours later,  a retired couple called 911 for help. Deputies say Bartrum broke into their home through a back door.

"He got all the way in their bedroom I think is what they said," said neighbor Cliff Moore. " He was like standing over their bed which is really crazy." 

The woman told investigators she awoke to an unknown man standing at the foot of her bed. She watched him walk out of the bedroom before alerting her husband, but he got away  

"You know anytime anything like that happens, It's got to be a traumatic experience," said Deputy Chief Branum. " I can't imagine waking up in the middle of the night with someone standing at the foot of your bed. I don't know what I would do and nobody can sit there and say well I'd tell you what I'd do because you don't know until it happens to you and I hope it never happens to anybody else but it will. "

Deputies say the victim in this situation did the right thing by remaining calm. 

"If you can remain calm and be still because they've got the upper hand if you're laying down and they're standing up hovering over  you," said Deputy Chief Branum. " You're not in a very good offensive position and you're very vulnerable at that point." 

Officials say you should always be prepared to defend yourself and or hide in a safe place where you can call 911.

"If it's the middle of the night and they come into the house or force a break in... chances are they're assuming somebody is in that house," said Deputy Chief Branum. 

"It could have been bad, he could have killed them you know a person like that," said Moore. " If he's crazy enough to do that I think he's crazy enough to kill someone." 

Deputies say Bartrum was arrested in the area about 15 minutes after the break in. A caller reported him sleeping in the tree line near the road on Hixson Pike. During the inventory of his personal effects, property stolen from the victim's residence was found in his possession.  

ORIGINAL STORY: The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office has charged a man with aggravated burglary after a woman woke up to him at the foot of her bed Tuesday morning.

It happened on Parkshore Circle in Hixson around 6:15 a.m.

A spokesperson for the Sheriff's Office says the woman saw 26-year-old Colton Bartrum and woke her husband when she saw Bartrum leave the room.

The husband got up to look for the guy but he was already gone.

While looking for Bartrum, park rangers at Chester Frost State Park advised he was wanted for a domestic assault that happened about two hours before the incident on Parkshore Circle, which is within walking distance from the park.

Deputies eventually found Bartrum and property stolen from the scene at Parkshore Circle.

Bartrum was arrested and charged with with two counts of Domestic Violence, Aggravated Burglary of an Occupied Habitation, Theft of Property, and Vandalism.