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3 On Your Side: Rossville woman worries about overflowing sewer next door

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A Walker County woman is worried an overflowing sewer line near her home may have an impact on her family's health. 

Every time it rains, Melinda Harbin says the yard outside her Rossville home. 

"I saw water gushing up out of the ground. I didn't know what it was, so when the water receded, I walked over to see what it was," she said.

She saw a manhole cover to one of Fort Oglethorpe's sewer lines. 

For some reason, every time it rains, Harbin's property and the lot next door floods.

"There was toilet paper, faeces, feminine, sanitary napkins, and a few other unmentionables floating around in my yard," Harbin said.

That makes her worry about her and her family's health. As well as others how live near Oklawaha Avenue. 

"There are things that you can get in that water, e-coli probably being the least of my worries because people flush all kinds of things in the toilet. And the fact that that sewage is running off into that creek over there, just flowing. How can you guarantee me that that's not in my drinking water?" she added. 

We took Harbin's concerns to Fort Oglethorpe's City Manager, Jennifer Payne Simpkins. 

She tells Channel 3 the city hasn't received any recent complaints about the issue and is looking into it but she believes a planned system-wide flow monitoring plan can help find and fix problems like this. 

The flow monitoring and analysis will cost more than $130,000 and is expected to take three months to complete, but it could take longer based on rain events.

Simpkins said Fort Oglethorpe's sewer system collects sewage and conveys it to Chattanooga for treatment and will need the "OK" from Chattanooga to move forward with the plan. 

With more rain in the forecast, Harbin hopes that happens sooner rather than later. 

"I just want the people that's responsible to do what's right," she said. 

If you live in Fort Oglethorpe and are experiencing a sewer problem in your area, report it to Fort Oglethorpe City Hall at 706-866-2544.

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