UPDATE: The boil advisory for Copperhill in Polk County has been lifted.

City officials say residents no longer have to boil drinking water before consuming it.

Officials say several bacteria samples were collected from the distribution system during the advisory and all of them tested negative.

If you have any questions or comments, officials ask that you call the city of Copperhill at 423-496-5141.

PREVIOUS UPDATE: Polk County officials say the boil water advisory for McCaysville has been lifted. The advisory is still in effect for Copperhill, according to the city's officials.

PREVIOUS STORY: Thousands of people are boiling water Wednesday after Polk County officials issued a boil water advisory.

The advisory started Tuesday after filtration problems and down water pumps shut down the water plant.

Officials with the McCaysville water service told Channel 3 the heavy amount of rain recently played a role in shutting the plant down. They said there was so much muddy water, it was taking a long time for it to go through the filtration system. This caused water to be used quicker than the plant could replenish it. With the low amount of water in the tank, officials said it caused the pumps to lock.

Copperhill residents get their water from McCaysville. City officials put boxes of bottled water in from of city hall for the community to use until the advisory is lifted.

With the plant shut down, roughly 30 volunteer firefighters are working to keep the water flowing in Copperhill.

"East, West Polk, Hiwassee Dam, Wolf Creek fire department, Englewood fire department, and Sequoyah fire department,” West Polk fire chief Stephen Lofty said those are all the departments helping to supply the city with water.

It’s a gesture business owners in Copperhill are grateful for. Employees at Copper Grill said without water they would not be able to open at all.

However, they still have to boil it in order to drink it. So employees at The Copper Grill are finding alternatives.

"We’re having to use canned drinks and bottled water," Amber Dillard, who works at the restaurant, said, "So we've had to buy a lot of drinks. We've had to prep for that and that costs a lot more money than using the drinks we already have."

Employees said they are happy to have water, but with a train full of tourists coming in each day, they hope the advisory doesn't last much longer.

"Well we were hoping it was just one day,” The Copper Grill employee, Shelly Utley said, “But today's day two, so it's getting a little aggravating."

City officials said they aren't sure how long the advisory will be in effect.

PREVIOUS STORY: Tuesday morning, Copperhill Mayor, Kathy Stewart sent out a press release stating that there is a boil water advisory for residents. 

The city is going to have to haul water in from another location, due to the City of McCaysville water pumps being down and are experiencing filter issues. The City Clerk says they cannot pump any water from their system.

They advise that all customers should boil water for at least 3-5 minutes at rapid boil. There is a possibility of contamination due to the transportation of water and or backflow. 

The City of Copperhill will have bottled water, but the supply is limited. They hope to have the issue resolved within the next few days. If you need more information regarding this Boil Water Advisory, please contact the City of Copperhill at 423-496-5141.