Police are searching for a man who broke into an SUV Saturday at a parking lot in Hixson.

The woman who walked out to find her car window shattered, said the crime also shattered her and her daughter’s sense of security.

“All of this was covered, the back seat was covered in glass," Kendall White said while looking at her SUV, "I don't understand how somebody can look at a car with a kid’s car seat and intentionally do something that can harm somebody else. I don't understand stealing from other people."

White lives in North Georgia, but comes to the Hixson area often. It’s a place she calls home. But on Saturday, she said she learned an important lesson.

"I am much more mindful now about parking lots and seeing who might still be sitting in their car,” White said, “Because my senses are heightened now."

Saturday she left her car unlocked for about half an hour while she was running an errand. When she came back to her vehicle she saw someone had broken in.

"He shattered this window and there was just glass everywhere," she explained.

Someone broke into her SUV through the window, even though her doors were left unlocked.

"The guy apparently was just so determined to get into my car that he didn't check to see if it was unlocked first," White said.

Security cameras at the Sports Barn, next to the parking lot, caught a red car on camera. White said police are searching for the vehicle.

But White said she is not worried about what he took.

"My purse can be replaced, my wallet can be replaced,” explained White, “It's kind of a pain but it's little meticulous things.

It's what he left behind: a broken sense of security for her and her 7-year-old daughter who was with her.

"My daughter’s sense of security was completely gone. Her car seat was covered in glass,” White urged, “It was just, it's senseless.

White said she will be more aware when she leaves her car in a parking lot now, and advises everyone to do the same.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Chattanooga Police Department.