All counties in North Georgia are under a Tropical Storm Watch. Hurricane Nate hit the gulf coast just a few hours ago.

Many in Georgia are still recovering from Hurricane Irma now they're preparing for Nate.

“The rain will on set after midnight tonight but the strong winds and tropical storm forced winds will be 11 until 12 tomorrow so if we could get it tonight that would get it tonight that would be great and would help us in our planning,” said Claude Craig.

Business owners like Jevin Jenson are restocking some of those emergency items needed for the last bit storm.

“When Irma came through we sold out of all the tarps we did sell a couple of chain saws a generator and one or two blowers,” said Jevin Jensen, Ace Hardware owner. “Nothing too crazy but we did see an uptick in those types of emergency items”

Jenson say he hasn't seen many customers coming in to get ahead of Nate because people aren't taking their storm seriously.

“It didn't affect our area and then this one we are definitely expecting some rain but I think most people just think they're going to get wet and not looking out for the winds,” said Jevin Jensen.

We also talked to Claude Craig with Whitfield Emergency Management Agency and she says their crew has already met to talk about a plan for Hurricane Nate.

“We'll have all the decision makers under one roof there won't be any having to make phone calls or do this or do that to find out if we need a response to somewhere,” said Claude Craig, Whitfield EMA Director. “The decision makers will be in the operation center.”

Craig says the main way to get prepared for Nate is by bringing everything inside or anchoring things down.