At Ridgeland High School, veteran Director Rick Chambers got to introduce his students to the music of Aaron Copland for halftime performance, this year. He says, they recognized the tune to "Simple Gifts" nearly immediately, and there began their discovery of great American music! 

Some 130 members strong, they are in the midst of a rebuild and just listen to how their plan. Marching with the high schoolers, this season, are fourteen eighth graders and they are not just any middle school players. No, they had to be recommended by instructors to audition for the spots they now hold. Now, they serve as emissaries back to their classes with the added benefit of gaining experience to shine on the field in the coming years.

Shine, they do. The group has four competitions on their marching agenda this season on top of all home and away football games. Then, the reward in the spring is a trip to Panama City for a music festival and more performances.

They are in the midst of a pretty neat fund raiser right now. The students are selling discount cards that work at locations all across the country. If you would to purchase one, or would simply like to help get them from here to there and home again, get in touch with Mr. Chambers at Ridgeland High School, search for them on Facebook, or drop them a line via their website:

Our many thanks to the students from the Ridgeland High School Band, your Friday Night Football Week number 8 Band of the Week!