When we hear about security breaches like Yahoo and Equifax you probably think "OMG, was mine included?" That isn't easy to find out unless you visit the website www.haveibeenpwned.com

The site, built by cyber security expert Troy Hunt, aggregates information from recent hacks that publicly share information about which email addresses and passwords were compromised.

Enter your email address in the search box and HaveIbeenpwned will quickly show you if your email address was stolen in a breach along with which breach and links to steps to take next. I tried several of my email addresses and found that my primary Gmail address had been compromised in breaches at Dropbox, LastFM, MySpace and Tumblr (yeah, I forgot about that MySpace account of 15 years ago).

My other email addresses were still safe and secure.

You can also search for your username and passwords to see if they've been involved in a breach. Usernames often come up because they can be used by others on sites you do not use. Checking passwords that you might use for multiple sites is recommended. If your password shows up as being compromised haveibeenpwned.com will urge you to change the password and never use that one again.

www.haveIbeenpwned.com is a free site and Hunt says he never shares your email or password with another site