UPDATE: An armed robbery on UTC’s campus has the community on high alert. Police said a man walked up to a group of students and pointed a gun at them.

It happened on McCallie Avenue just after 11:00 p.m. Thursday night. The students were unharmed, but the suspect is still on the run.

It’s midterm right now on UTC’s campus. While many are experiencing the stress of exams. Most aren't experiencing the stress of being robbed at gunpoint.

It happened on a patio at the campus ministry building, a group of three students were up late cramming for their exams when a person approached them.

"A guy came up behind one of my friends pulled a gun, cocked it and waived it at all of us,” Robert Harris said.

In a state of shock, Harris and his friends handed over their valuables, then the suspect took off on foot.

"I mean what are you supposed to do? We just gave him our wallets, I didn't want anyone to get hurt or anything,” Harris explained.     

With the armed suspect on the run, campus officials sent out this alert within 30 minutes. It told them to lock their doors and to be on the lookout for the suspect.

A spokesperson for the university tells Channel 3, though the incident happened on the edge of campus property, they thought it was necessary to send out an urgent alert.

"I’m definitely shaken up, I had to postpone one of my exams just because their studying last night and I couldn't get to the rest of my studies,” Harris said.
Harris wasn't sure if he would attend class this morning because the robbery took place so close to his school.

“It's kind of unnerving just to know that it could be anybody especially a guy who seemed so nice just had a gun and has ulterior motives,” he said.

The students that were robbed said the suspect didn't get away with much just a few dollars and credit cards.

Anyone with information about this incident should call police.

PREVIOUS STORY: A UTC alert was issued after reports of an armed robbery near campus.

Three students report being held up by a male suspect with a handgun in a parking lot.

The alert was issued late Wednesday night, saying a male suspect was in the 8th street area. Students were asked to use caution and lock their doors. 

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