Officials are calling the Yahoo breach the largest data breach in U.S. history.

Yahoo now admits the data breach it suffered in 2013 affected all of its users which is three billion accounts.

The stolen data was confined to user id's and email addresses, and not passwords, payment card or bank account information.

Everyone who has a Yahoo account should now consider themselves hacked.

That also includes those who use services offered by yahoo such as Tumblr and fantasy sports.

Our tech expert Jamey Tucker is hesitant about trusting the company.

“This breach started at 500,000 then it went to a million then it went to a billion now we're finding out it's every Yahoo account,” said Jamey Tucker.  “I don't trust Yahoo anymore.”

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This breach allows hackers to have access to your email, passwords and birthday.

For others who've used their credit card through this email, information is already popping up on the dark web.

“You can go on the dark web and you will find credit cards to resell which we don't know the limit but we'll sell it to you for 50 bucks,” said Jamey Tucker. 

For those who are now looking for another email provider

Jamey Tucker has a recommendation.

“I think for the general public Google does an excellent job at protecting that information and so I feel confident of using Gmail,” said Jamey Tucker.  “It is completely and 100 percent safe? No.”

Tucker also says bank information should have specific passwords to those accounts.

The FBI says the perfect password consists of 13 characters with a mix of upper and lower case letters number, special symbols and this shouldn't spell any common words.