For centuries folks have used the moon's phase as a guide for planting, and the upcoming weekend could provide the best time. 

Here's why: At 7:39 p.m. EDT a full moon rises, and Friday will bring a Waning Gibbous, meaning it will have a fullness of 99% and still 95% on Saturday.

"Fall's the best time to be planting trees, shrubs, roses, and many fall crops, roses," says Tim Holcomb, owner of Holcomb Garden Center.

The cooler days provide less evaporation from the heat, and the ground temperature is still warm. Several inches of rain are expected from Saturday through Monday, but the moon provides another factor.

As the moon impacts our ocean's tides, it similarly impacts our groundwater, just on a smaller scale. By this same logic, there is more pull directed toward plant roots being lifted from the ground.

"My grandfather use to dig holes for the water company in Catoosa County, and if the signs were not right, he would not undertake a big project because he would have too much dirt to fill, or not enough," adds Holcomb.

Newly sown seeds are boosted by the increased of hydration, with more water being drawn up in the soil.

"Many people are very serious about this, and if you have good results with that, certainly by all means do it," states Holcomb.

The first hard freeze for Chattanooga usually is near November 1. Perennials will thrive, but Holcomb says there is time for selected vegetables, including leaf lettuce, turnip greens, kale, and onions.

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