Many plant in their gardens now every spring. On Market Street, between 19th and 20th Streets, you'll notice more greenery.

For those that live downtown, or work downtown, there's now a small oasis. A new garden center has opened downtown. Bees on a Bicycle is named Business of the Month of October, by Chattanooga Chamber Southside. 

"I think it's really important to bring plant life into the city, and have the opportunity, even on a small scale," says owner Catherine Shaw.

This unique garden center offers a tiny but mighty approach, on just under a quarter of an acre lot. What's different about her business, is that it supports local artists.

"We've got a couple of artists, one of which is Clay Miller. He does concrete work, and he uses found objects," adds Shaw.

Objects like bits and pieces of fossil and fence line can be found in the pots, which are not clay, but concrete.

Shaw says she works with other vendors, where the firing techniques are one of kind.

Shaw adds, "Your pot's not going to be sitting at your neighbor's house. It's going to be something that's unique to your doorstep."

Bees on a Bicycle is not an ordinary garden center, it's an experience that requires some time to go through.

"It's just incredible. People are just like- hi, Cath, I'm here again, just to see what's what and just hangout-and I'm like okay you just make yourself at home," states Shaw.

Paintings and decorative items are on display. Many of which are one of a kind, made in Chattanooga.

Workshops are held year round, addressing urban garden issues including

  • Intense heat from asphalt
  • Balconies
  • What to do with strips between sidewalks and roads
  • Tips for roof gardens, and options for pollinator and rain gardens

Catherine Shaw tells Channel 3 folks can come by, walk around, and sit and relax by the fishpond.

The Grand Opening is Wednesday October 4th at 4:45PM. To visit this new serene spot, the address is 1909 Market Street, and for scheduled workshops visit