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What The Tech? Prayers for Las Vegas

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#prayforlasvegas and #prayforvegas has been trending all day on both Twitter and Facebook. President Trump and Pope Francis asked the world to pray for victims and their families. Former president Obama posted to Twitter that he and Michelle are praying for those affected.

Countless others from Daymond John of Shark Tank to Neil Patrick Harris sent out tweets asking people to pray. Americans and people around the world may be looking not only to pray but what to pray in the days after the worst terror shooting in U.S. history.

I'm not suggesting that anyone needs an app or social media network to pray but if you find comfort and encouragement in praying with other people these apps may give you inspiration:

Amen, the Prayer App used to be called "Prayer Works" and has been used and promoted by radio stations around the country. So far, according to its website, over 12.6 million prayers have been prayed by people seeing prayer requests posted to the app. Amen gives people the opportunity to ask for prayers anonymously. Those requests are posted to a feed that can be seen by anyone using the app. Users are encouraged to pray for any requests they feel led. You can also send messages of encouragement to the annonymous poster and share the prayer requests on other social media sites. As of Monday afternoon there were several prayer requests for Las Vegas victims.

The Echo Prayer App for iPhones recently got a new look. It's similar to Amen but has an emphasis on prayers within a group of family and friends. Users can create prayer groups and members have the option to post prayer requests publicly or privately. The Echo Prayer app also helps users set aside time to pray and will send notifications of when you're asked to pray. For example, someone in the group may ask for prayer for a surgery or medical procedure at a certain time. When the time comes everyone in the group will receive a reminder or notification.

An app for Android devices simply named "Prayer" is from iDailybread.org. Users can connect to believers from around the world to share prayers, ask for prayers for specific moments or family members and friends. This app also includes daily prayers along with prayers for healing, the sick, for peace and for strength.

Social media has been a source of prayer requests and prayers since the shooting occurred. I found many of those Facebook groups and pages quickly took a political bent. I created a Facebook page for any viewer wishing to share prayers or stories. You can find it at https://www.facebook.com/prayersforlasvegas/

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