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Family warns others about roof repair

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A Lookout Valley family is warning others about a bad roof repair. The family says they hired a man to do the job and paid him in full, up front. 

Several weeks later, their roof is still unfinished and they say the man is giving them the runaround. 

The family admits they should have done more research on this company before hiring them to do the job. Danny Morrison says his elderly parents simply took the business owner's word instead of signing a contract and that was a big mistake.  

"The overhand of the shingles goes in and out there are some places where it might hang over 3 inches," said Danny Morrison. 

Morrison called Channel 3 for help after seeing the $8,000 dollar roofing job on his parent's house. " Top Notch Renovations Construction Services" was hired in early August. 

"There are some places where it cuts back in right to the top of the drip edge or the siding," said Morrison. "There's not a straight line on the roof anywhere from left to right, it goes up and down and it looks like a snake pattern going up and down the roof. It's just awful, it's horrible." 

Morrison got a second opinion and was told the entire roof would have to be torn off and re-done. 
"Well, they had to apologize because they laughed - it was so bad that they laughed," said Morrison. 

It's been about 8 weeks since the check was cashed. Morrison says he's tried to get the company's owner to fix the roof but he keeps getting excuses. 

"We certainly suggest people never to do a job such as this without a contract," said Jim Winsett, President of Better Business Bureau. "We also as in this case I think they paid most of the money up front, we also advise people never pay over at least one third of what the project or job is going to cost." 

When Channel 3 spoke to the company owner by phone he said his men dropped the ball and he's just been too busy to fix it.  

He admitted there were several problem spots and added that he would have the job done by next week. We asked him about the lack of contract and he had no comment. 

Morrison still fears his elderly parents will be at a loss.

"They can't pay to have it done again right now so if they don't have that $8,000 dollars, they're stuck with a dumpy roof that might last the winter or might not," said Morrison. 

Before you hire a contractor, the Better Business Bureau says it's best to check and see if that company has a rating or complaint history. 

You should also make sure a company is properly licensed for the work they are doing and verify they have liability insurance to protect yourself against any damage. Officials say it's important to be sure all workers are bonded to protect yourself against theft and damage. 

Before work starts, have a signed written contract including start and completion dates, exact costs, specific work to be done and warranty information. Read fine print carefully and understand all terms before signing. 

You should also check references and get at least three written bids and take the time to learn why they may be different. 

"We hear of this type activity at least every 10 days or so," Winsett. " There's a lot of people out there taking advantage of others and particularly the senior demographic is often the victim of that activity." 

"Top Notch Renovations Construction Services" does not have any existing records with the BBB and officials say that can also be a red flag because the BBB works to verify licenses, to make sure companies are qualified for the work.

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