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Chattanooga hospitals talk emergency preparedness

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In the aftermath of the Las Vegas tragedy, Channel 3 visited our local emergency rooms to learn how they prepare for these worst-case scenarios.

"It would be all hands on deck," said Parkridge Hospital's Emergency Preparedness Director, Robin Marsh.

Marsh said it's a situation no hospital wants to have, but one for which every emergency room needs to be prepared.

"It’s training, training, training," Marsh urged.

Training in case there is an event that could send an influx of people to the hospital. Marsh said employees have disaster training each year and 2 hands-on exercises a year for numerous scenarios.

"That teaches them what code triage means, that means you're going to have an influx of patients you're going to have to be sorting,” explained Marsh, “It trains the floors, the patients inside to be discharged if they can, elective procedures to be canceled if they can."

Along with training from hospitals many nurses bring other skills as well.

"They bring elements of their training with us to use appropriately in the hospitals," Marsh said.

At Chattanooga’s CHI Memorial, Navy veteran ,Chase Compton is now an ER registered nurse.

"I hope I wouldn't have to, but I feel like if something were to happen that I would be able to help out,” Compton said, “Especially from the training here in the ER and also the military background that I have."

Compton said his best training comes from both the ER and the military.

"The biggest thing to do, especially with all the chaos that ensues with something like that, is to work together and help each other," Compton said.

Marsh said while Chattanooga has not seen an event comparable to the Las Vegas massacre, she said the hospitals have dealt with major trauma across the city. Marsh believes ALL hospitals are prepared to work together to take care of this community.

"We’re here to help you. We're prepared to help you,” urged Marsh, “And we're partnered with our other hospital systems in town to be here for this community. It's very much all hands on deck."

Channel 3 also spoke with officials at Erlanger who told us the hospital is the region's only level 1 trauma center, with trauma and general surgeons providing care for critically ill or traumatically injured patients.

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