Choosing a fitness training app in iTunes or the Google Play Store is overwhelming with over 100,000 to pick from. If one stands taller than the others it's 'Sworkit'.

A fitness app so good it'll shed pounds and excuses.

Sworkit couldn't be easier to navigate and use. Choose whether you want to build strength, cardio, yoga or simple stretching. Enter how many minutes you have for the workout, as little as 5 minutes and up to 1 hour.

The app builds a workout that fits your time limits. Exercises are accompanied by video clips demonstrating each movement, and has a voice-guided trainer stepping you through each exercise.

If you like to workout to music, Sworkit has Spotify playlists that'll play music to sweat to while the videos and voice guidance continues.

Sworkit allows you to set daily or weekly goals and shows how many calories you likely burned after a workout.

It also comes with custom workouts for kids, pregnancy, six-packs and a workout that won't disturb the neighbors. Sworkit workouts require no machines or weights and can easily be completed in your home.

The app is free but there is a premium subscription option for $3/month or $13/year that will get you a personal trainer who'll answer any questions you have, additional low impact workouts and the premium version removes the adds.

Sworkit is considered by sports scientists to be the best fitness app in either app store, scoring 9 out of possible 10 points.