Part of Jason Aldean's crew is known to work audio for our Riverbend Festival here in Chattanooga. 

Friends of the Festival officials tell Channel 3, those crew members are okay.   

Joe Dixie Fuller, who is the production director for Riverbend, says this is every music festival's worst nightmare. 

Fuller knows several crew members who work on Jason Aldean's tour and he says some of those audio guys have been on the Coca Cola Stage for Riverbend in the past. They're originally from Nashville.

Fuller says they're all okay, just really shaken up over the attack. Crew members on stage were dodging bullets and many of them did not know where the gunfire was coming from. 

"They were telling me everyone was trying to take cover in buses and trying to get behind something, but this guy was heavily armed. There's some pretty strong shots; long rifles apparently and they were going through road cases and I'm sure they've just tore up a bunch of stuff along with killing a bunch of folks," says Fuller. 

It was later discovered that the gunman was shooting from a 32nd floor window of a nearby hotel.

Fuller says in these types of situations, there's no time to make announcements. He says as a performer it's hard to hear while wearing an in-ear monitor, which allows them to hear their own vocals and music. 

    "If you look at the footage, Jason Aldean just keeps playing and then all of the sudden...he's seeing; he can't hear. He can't hear this automatic gunfire coming from two blocks away and all of a sudden he realizes it and, well, he ran for his life. You can see them all run for their lives, which I think is the first thing I think you and I both would do," says Fuller.

    "I can't blame him for that and I don't think anybody can," Fuller adds. 

    Fuller says that information should give all local officials pause when planning the next large event. 

    "I promise you it will come into play," says Fuller. " It certainly will and you know anytime that there's something like this, once again it raises your awareness. These are things we've already discussed, but now it's come into full focus so I'm sure that will be well on the table for the next safety and security meeting." 

    Fuller says while safety planning happens all year long, it's best to never let your guard down at an event like this. He says you should always know where your exits are located and be aware of your surroundings so you can act fast if needed.