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Vigil held to honor gun violence victims

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Saturday night, neighbors came together to remember those who were killed by gun violence. Tennessee has the 10th highest rate for deaths by gun violence.

It's been six years since Kenyeta Tramble lost her life to senseless gun violence.

Still there's not a day that goes by that family members do not miss her.

“I would give her a hug,” said Acaeun Worbington. What would you want to say to her? “I'm sorry,” said Acaeun Worbington.

Eddie and Acaeun are lighting their candle for Tramble, who was planning a wedding while raise her new born baby when she was shot and killed.

“We had a great future planned together with our new born son he was 1 at the time and just a beautiful women,” said Eddie Worbington.

Today, Acaeun is six- years old and he's wearing a t-shirt in honor of his mother.

“Cause I like my mama,” said Acaeun Worbington.

Eddie is a single father who's trying to find the words to truly explain what happened to Acaeun's mother.

“He don’t understand right now, but I know he will one day and we'll cry together,” said Eddie Worbington.

A dozen families were represented at the love lights and white’s vigil and all of their young loved ones question their death.

“I want to be able to have all the answers that I probably won’t have,” said Eddie Worbington.

Many of these families know each other by participating in remembrance services like this one.

They now have extended family for when the tears begin to form another will be there as a support system.

“Every time I come out to stuff like this it shows how much I really miss her and how much I need her and how much I love her,” said Eddie Worbington.

Chattanooga Police have an anonymous tip line. If you see something say something If you have seen anything suspicious, you're asked to call 423-698-2525.  

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