Saturday, a new league took over the baseball diamond in Chattanooga.

From the crowd it's your typical baseball game, but the players on the field are part of Chattanooga's Miracle League.

"I've been practicing a whole lot!" exclaimed player, Paige Collins.

Collins' has spent hours practicing for her baseball debut. For many players it's their first time on the diamond.

"This is my first time!” Collin’s said.

One of Paige's teammates is deaf.

"His name is Leyton. L-e-y-t-o-n," Leyton’s mom, Kami Green, said while he signed.

It's also his first time on the field, and he's pretty excited to show off his skills and meet new friends.
"He can't wait to shake hand with the team afterwards,” Kami interpreted.

Kami is just happy to see him playing.

“I think it's a wonderful thing,” Kami said, “These kids deserve something like this. To be able to come out and be like other people."

The league is four teams made up of 40 players.

The rubber field is completely flat field, walker and wheelchair accessible, and boasts specially designed equipment. All players have "buddies" who assist them during the game.

Because on this field, everyone gets to play.

"I feel like a ball player!" exclaimed Paige.

The Miracle League is still looking for volunteers. If you would like to help click here for more information.