Only a few days remain for Hamilton County parents to voice their opinions about the state of the district's school buildings. 

An online survey, launched Wednesday, asks a series of questions about old facilities and how money from a recently approved tax increase should be divided. Hamilton county schools spokesperson, Amy Katcher, says more than 2,000 people have filled out the online survey. 

Earlier this month the Hamilton County Commission granted the school board $100M through a property tax increase. The school board has not decided how that money will be spent, but this online survey will help them come up with a plan. 

"We know that we've got deferred maintenance issues and we know that we've got growth. We know that we have a lot of issues that we need to face. The good news is we got that $100 million from the Hamilton County Commission and so that actually gave us a little bit more of a sense of urgency," said Hamilton County Schools spokesperson. 

At least a dozen of the district's schools are in desperate need of repairs. Back in February, school board members ranked those schools from highest to lowest priority. Harrison Elementary School ranked first followed by and Chattanooga School for the Liberal Arts; East Hamilton Middle/High school was third. 

It's not clear if the original list of high priority schools will stay the same or change pending the results of the survey. Channel 3, asked Katcher if the district will start from scratch, but was not given a clear answer. 

"The Hamilton County Board of Education and the administration here are going to take a look at everything in conjunction. They're going to see what the community says. They're going to look at that huge list of deferred maintenance needs that we have and see what those huge growth areas are." They're going to take everything into consideration and come up with the best way to utilize these funds," said Katcher. 

Katcher added that Superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson plans to have all facilities evaluated by an outside company.  

"It will be an impartial third party to see where funds need to be used first, what needs to be done and really come up with the best way to utilize any not only the $100 million that we're getting now but also funds in the future." 

To take the survey, click here