UPDATE:  New details Friday night about a police officer who was shot and killed and another injured in Cedartown, that's in Polk County Georgia, about 90 miles south of Chattanooga. Police have arrested two people for the crime.

Seth Spangler of Chattanooga has been charged with felony murder and felony aggravated assault. The second suspect in the case has been identified as Samantha Roof.

The Walker County Sheriff was actively searching for Spangler for a probation violation, before hearing about the murder of an officer in Cedartown.

Early Friday morning Officer David Goodrich was sent to check out a call on a stolen vehicle. Officer Kristin Hearne went as back-up.

"While the officers were at the scene investigating the stolen vehicle Seth Brandon Spangler, white male, age 31 and Samantha Roof, a white female, 22 walked out of the woods, up to the officers. Officers Goodrich and Hearne began talking with the two of them. They were acting suspicious. Suddenly, Spangler pulled out a handgun and shot both officers." said Vernon Keenan, Georgia bureau of investigations

Walker County Sheriff, Steve Wilson says Seth Spangler has a criminal past in his county.  Spangler's been charged with possession of methamphetamine, several DUI's and several traffic related offenses. 

"The charges that I’m looking at in Walker County I do not see anything where there's been violence against another person but that doesn't mean that he hasn't," said Sheriff Steve Wilson.

Spangler now faces much more serious charges in Polk County, Georgia.

Felony murder of police officer Kristen Hearne and the wounding of another officer. A bullet proof vest protected him.  He has minor injuries.

"It was more or less an ambush. I mean they come out and surprised these officers and he drew the gun before they even knew what happened and started firing rounds. So, it's just a tragic situation that could've been avoided if this individual had just obeyed the law, or obeyed the officers' instructions just to put his hands on the car." said Chief Kenny Dodd.

Chief Kenny Dodd said it's a very sad day for the Polk County Police Department. Kristin Hearne was a 5-year veteran of the Polk County PD she was a detective with the department.

PREVIOUS STORY: POLK COUNTY, Ga. -- Two suspects have been arrested after a Polk County police officer was fatally wounded and another officer was injured on Friday.

Just before 6 a.m., Officer David Goodrich was called to investigate a suspicious vehicle on Santa Claus Road in Cedartown, Ga. Officer Kristin Hearne responded as back-up, according to Georgia Bureau of Investigation Director Vernon Keenan.

The two located a Ford Escape that had been stolen out of Tennessee. While they were at the scene, 31-year-old Seth Brandon Spangler and 22-year-old Samantha Roof walked out of the woods.

The officers began talking to the two, who they said were acting suspicious.

Suddenly, according to police, Spangler pulled out a handgun and fired at the officers.

A bullet struck Goodrich's bulletproof vest. He survived.

Hearne was shot and later died, according to authorities.

Spangler and Roof ran from the scene. 

A short time later, Roof was captured. 

Just before 2:45 p.m, Spangler was captured after he came out of the woods naked and surrendered to authorities.

Spanger had outstanding warrants out of Walker County for felony probation violation, Keenan said. He has a criminal history, Keenan said.

Spangler was taken to Polk County Jail and is charged with felony murder and felony aggravated assault.

Ruth is also facing felony charges, according to Keenan.

PREVIOUS STORY: CEDARTOWN, GA (AP) — A Georgia police officer has been shot in the northwest part of the state, authorities said Friday.

The shooting happened Friday in Polk County, about 60 miles (95 kms) northwest of Atlanta, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said in a brief statement.

The GBI said in a follow-up statement that authorities are searching for a man last seen in the area who is “considered armed and dangerous.” The GBI did not identify him as a suspect, but advised residents not to approach him and to call 911 if he’s seen.

The agency used the National Blue Alert System to announce their search for the man. The system is used to foster communication between law enforcement and the public, and was created to support families of fallen officers.

Photos posted by The Rome News-Tribune showed officers gathering at a wooded area along a roadside.

No other details were immediately available Friday afternoon.