Wednesday, a jury sentenced the man convicted of killing three people in Lookout Valley in 2014.

Derek Morse was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Morse was found guilty of killing John Lang, Caleb Boozer, and Jon Morris.

The trial has been a long seven days for the loved ones of the victims. They've sat through more than a dozen witnesses, and hundreds of exhibits before the jury sentenced Derek Morse to life behind bars.

Before Morse was sentenced, the victims’ families were each asked how this has affected them.

“It's hard,” said Molly Morris, sister of victim Jon Morris. “I mean you don't live the same after you lose somebody that you grew up with from birth; I mean you just don't.”

“I mean there have been times when I have thought about having suicidal thoughts; but, I think no, I'm not going to do that because my son wouldn't want that,” Deborah Boozer, mother of Caleb Boozer.

Morse's attorney claimed this was a case of mistaken identity. He says he thought he exposed many weaknesses in the state's case. 

“You've had three people killed; you've just had another one killed when you sentenced him to life in prison without the possibility of parole,” said Dan Ripper, Morse’s attorney.

Family members may have to sit through more trials, but this is the news they have waited three years for.

“The defendant’s lawyer said just be fair,” said Tommy Lang, brother of victim John Lang. “Well, what was fair about anything them boys did that night?

“That was premeditated. They set that up. They set their alibi up and they ran through it just like clockwork,” Lang continued. “If they wouldn't have made mistakes they could have even gotten away with it.”

Morse's attorney says they will most likely appeal and seek a new trial.

We are told Derek Morse still maintains his innocence.