The idea started 15 years ago in Atlanta-since then the Miracle League has grown, and it's become a reality for Chattanooga. The YMCA and Fidelity Realty have partnered up for this special project.

Wednesday, they were cleaning and doing last minute touch ups.

On Saturday, those with disabilities who may not have had the opportunity to play ball in the past, will now be able to.

"Every child that participates in this has a person called a buddy. And that buddy helps kids get around the bases," says Mike McGauley the General Project Manager.

The inaugural season of the Miracle League begins at 10AM. McGauley tells Channel 3, anyone with a disability can participate, but it tends to be children. If anyone would like to volunteer to be a buddy to contact the YMCA.

There have been some tweaks to the game. There won't be a pitcher. Batters will hit off a tee. McGauley says they're trying to make it like the majors as much as possible.

"Every child has a baseball card with their name on it," adds McGauley.

So far they have had a lot of interest.

All teams will be playing on Saturday. The season is 6 weeks long in the fall, and 6 weeks again in the spring.

"There are 40 kids that have already signed up, so we have 4 teams," states McGauley.

The cost is $65 per player, but the YMCA has a scholarship that will not turn down a child if they do not have the money.

McGauley says while the kids have fun, this also provides a fellowship for parents of kids with disabilities.