Crime can happen to anyone, anywhere.

That's what one homeowner is learning after someone broke into her garage Tuesday morning on Riverview Road. 

Martika Lambiase and her husband moved to Chattanooga about eight years ago. Since then, she says she's dealt with thieves several times, but this is the first time someone has targeted her home.

"This is supposed to be a quiet, nice little town where these kind of things don't happen and it's just happening way too often," said Lambiase. 

Lambiase says she and her husband were sleeping, when an unwanted guest visited their home. 

Her home surveillance video shows a man walking past her side door and into her garage. Minutes later, you see him leaving with a box. Lambiase says it was filled with power tools.

"It was at 4:25 AM. The gentleman walked into the door here at 4:26, was in our garage until 4:34 and that's when we saw the video of him leaving," said Lambiase. "It's petrifying; it's scary to know that someone could be walking around your yard and rummaging through your things. A couple of weeks ago the neighbor across the street had her guest home broken into and people on either side of us have had their garage is broken into." 

Those incidents are what motivated Lambiase set up cameras. 

Chattanooga police say they have solved several burglaries in Lambiase's neighborhood. Last week, they arrested Rickey Davis, who they say is responsible for at least a dozen burglaries in the area. Four of them were linked to Davis on Monday. 

Even though one suspect is behind bars, Lambiase says she's still concerned that others are out there. 

"One of the things I worry about is that because of so much of the real bad crime; the shootings and that sort of thing the police are focusing on that and they're kind of forgetting us and I wish that they would pay a little more attention to us," said Lambiase. "There's going to be a sleepless night at least for the next couple of nights. I just hope that the police are able to identify who this individual is and take him off the streets and maybe our neighborhood will start becoming a little more diligent." 

A spokesperson for the police department tells Channel 3 its Property Crimes Division is investigating the break-in at Lambiase's home. 

Police are asking everyone to report crimes, no matter how small so they can build a complete case against offenders.