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What The Tech? iOS 11 battery issues

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Perhaps the single most frustrating thing for people on a day-to-day basis is the battery in their smartphone doesn't make it through the day. It seems the battery loses its juice earlier and earlier until it's dead before you get home from work. And now, there are rumors all over Facebook that the new iOS update for iPhones is making it even worse.

Some of the posts you might see scream 'Do not update to iOS 11, it's frying the battery!" Well that's just not true

But it is true that people are noticing that their smartphone battery is dying faster than before the update. Have no fear though, it's perfectly natural and it will fix itself.

iOS 11 is a big update from Apple and it changes many things in the settings that have to be re-set. The file system needs to be updated and some files will be reduced in size. All of that work under the hood takes time and your phone will be working harder for the first few hours or even days after installing the update. Once all of that has been completed you should see the battery life returning to what you had pre iOS 11.

So be patient for a bit. When you're not using your phone for an extended period of time, plug it in and keep it charged while the phone updates itself.

If your phone is always running out of juice before the end of the day there are other things you can do to increase your battery life.

  • Turn down the brightness. You'll find this option under "Display and screen" in settings.
  • Consider turning on low power mode. This is the setting you've probably seen when your battery is getting below the 20% mark. It will darken the screen a bit and turn off settings such as some notifications and automatic app refresh in the background. Some people who've tried low power mode have stuck with it all the time because they haven't noticed much change.
  • Turn off App refresh in background. This is an option you can turn on and off for each app. You won't get immediate update notifications for Facebook or Twitter but it will make a difference in the battery life if that's what you need.
  • Turn off the Raise to Wake option. This is also in the Display and Screen settings. It's convenient sure, but having your screen turn on anytime you pick up your phone isn't worth the trade off for battery life.
  • Adjust the setting for how long your phone stays unlocked after you stop using it. The screen uses a good deal of power and if it's on for 2-3 minutes when you're not using it you'll notice a big difference. The battery in my iPhone 6s Plus lasts hours longer now that I've changed that setting to 30 seconds.
  • Update your apps. Most app updates include some performance improvements which could extend the daily life of your battery.
  • You might try a fresh re-boot of the phone by turning it off completely and restarting it. This has been known to work and it's a good idea to re-boot a phone or computer every now and then.
  • You can also check to see which apps are using the most power. The new iOS makes this easy to see and understand and shows you a percentage of how your battery is being used. If you see that an app you barely have open is using 5-15% you can delete that app which will extend your battery life.

Older phones are going to lose battery life sooner than new phones. Like any other battery an iPhone or iPad battery has a life-span. Apple has said that an iPhone battery will lose about 20% of capacity after 400 charges. If you're using an iPhone 6 or 6s that's 2-3 years old you've probably charged it 600-700 times. Some tests revealed that iPhone batteries start losing capacity as soon as 300 charges.

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