A new online poll shows that almost 90% of Chattanoogans surveyed (about 280 residents) oppose the use of tax dollars to fund a new stadium for the Chattanooga Lookouts.

Chattanooga's population is an estimated 177,571 according to the United States Census Bureau, meaning that the survey size was 0.15% of Chattanooga's residents.

Those surveyed were asked "Have you ever attended a Chattanooga Lookouts minor league baseball game?" and other questions, related to the primary question of "Do you support or oppose using taxpayer money to fund a new minor league ballpark for the Chattanooga Lookouts?"

The same 280 respondents were also asked if they would support a referendum vote to decide of tax dollars should be used for a new Lookouts Stadium. That question fared only slightly better, with 80% of those surveyed agreeing on a vote to decide the matter.

Supporters of the project say the poll question was misleading, saying that Lookouts games would account for about 70 events each year, which they describe as a small percentage of the proposed venue's events.

Mark Cunningham, a spokesman for the Beacon Center, said, "These results are truly astonishing. There is a higher percentage of people who think that Big Foot is real than there are Chattanoogans who believe that tax dollars should fund a new Lookouts Stadium, " in a news release sent Tuesday.

The full results of the poll are below: